Mental Health is Essential for WOC

When you were a child coloring was most likely a daily part of your life. It was a time to focus, meditate, and create. Coloring brings pleasure and a sense of calm.

So why did you stop coloring? In a word, life.

After 30 years on my federal job as an exemplary employee, I was bullied and harassed at work at the height of the pandemic for nearly two years. Needless to say, this treatment almost broke my spirit. There were many things that helped me, but foremost was getting back to meditation through coloring powerful affirmations that resonated with my soul.

I thought, if this could help me, it could help other Women of Color.

At about the same time, Beyonce's Break My Soul came out and her lyrics spoke to me, thus, the title, I Am Unbreakable.

My wish is for every Woman of Color to intrinsically know how beautiful, dynamic, smart, and unbreakable she truly is. The two most powerful words in the universe is I AM. When you say I AM followed by a phrase, you are telling your subconscious to go make that happen. This one-of-a-kind coloring book reinforces these phrases into your mind every time you color. Repeat these words several times a day: I AM SMART I AM BEAUTIFUL I AM INTELLIGENT I AM TALENTED I AM JOY I AM PEACE I AM LOVE I AM ENOUGH I AM CONFIDENT I AM AMAZING I AM BRAVE I AM COURAGEOUS I AM POWERFUL I AM RESOURCEFUL I AM RESILIENT I AM KIND I AM COMPASSIONATE I AM A CHILD OF GOD I AM BLESSED I AM HIGHLY FAVORED I AM WANTED I AM LOVABLE I AM BOLD I AM A CREATOR I AM A BUSINESS OWNER I AM GENEROUS I AM LIMITLESS I AM UNSTOPPABLE How do you feel? Rinse and repeat.